Wordpress Website Design Service

Website Review & Redesign Service

Your website is a living, breathing reflection of your journey & aspirations, always evolving alongside your business and its objectives.

Why do a website review / redesign?

If you have an existing website that you think needs a little improvement or even a complete overhaul, then a professional review will highlight your websites strengths & weakness & help you focus on what really needs changing. So what benefits will a website review give you?

It can highlight areas to improve user experience on your website which can increase your sales / enquiries
It can show how to boost your search engine rankings helping more users find your website in the first place
It will highlight any display / functionality issues across different web browsers and screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile)
It can assess whether your website still aligns with your brand / values and your target audience. As businesses grow, values & brands get redefined. Its important to make sure your website reflects any changes
It can highlight why the site may be failing to generate leads/enquiries & suggest improvements
It can uncover security vulnerabilities & thus make your site safer

So if you have been thinking about a redesign of your website, or simply just want to get an understanding of what really needs doing, please do not hesitate to get in touch for a chat. I’ve worked on redesigns for Shopify & Wix websites aswell as WordPress.

How it Works…


A call (or a meeting if local) to understand your business & discover what you want your existing website to achieve!


A report on your existing website highlighting areas for improvement


The agreed areas for improvement which may include a redesign of some / all pages


The changes on different browsers & on different screen sizes

In addition to my Website Redesign Service, I also offer New Website Designs / Setups and monthly care plans!